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What can a Consulting Forester do for you?

1. Write Woodland Management Plans: We will assess and inventory your woodland. Then we will develop a plan to fully utilize the woodland to meet your objectives.

2. Timber Sales: Using the management plan, we will administer a timber sale that will further the landowner's goals for the woodland. In general, when a Forester administers the sale, the landowner makes more money, and less trees are cut. We can sell the timber by a sealed bid sale. After the sale the forester will monitor the harvest to protect the interests of the landowner.

3. Timber Inventory and Appraisal: We will examine the current standing volume in your woodland. After the actual volume is determined, a value can be placed on the timber, using current standing timber prices for our area. 

4. Timber Stand Improvement: After writing a management plan, we will help the landowner to implement the plan by: Removing undesirable tree species, thinning trees to release valuable timber for more efficient growth, and removing pest shrubs and vines

5. Tree Planting: We will help the landowner determine what type and species of tree would be best to plant on vacant ground. This determination would be based upon landowner objectives, soil type, growing conditions, and topography.

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